Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Color System/Color Strategy

Color System/Color Strategy Exhibition

Sep 24 - Oct 23 2010-11  Season

Venue:Visual Arts Building
Ticket: Free, No tickets needed
Julie Shapiro

Curated by Lorraine Tady, UT Dallas Faculty member.

Color System, Color Strategy is a mixed media exhibition of local and national artists who explore unique strategies for color as a subject and system in a work of art. For example, we may ask, “What is red?” Red carries many meanings including danger, a Republican state, audio in cables, and a negative accounting balance. It may also describe a timbre, the light of an explosion, a flushing of the face, or a spatial intensity in a visual image. How each artist generates a code red (or any color) is an invention not to be taken for granted.

For Brian Bulfer (NJ), perhaps every thought is a color icon as he engages shamanistic rituals and the cognitive science of Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914) to translate world data into geometric paintings.  The site-specific installations of James Van Arsdale (CA) interpret military zones and toy worlds (gyrating comic book yellow explosions, Popsicle grenades, groovy camouflage) creating unique opportunities to ponder rules, relationships, and consequences.

Cassandra Emswiler (TX) weirdly juxtaposes the Home Depot brown linoleum aura of nature with real collections from her West Texas wilderness hikes. Karey Ellen Kessler (WA) maps blue for her “expansive sea” stream of consciousness.  

Exhibiting Artists:
James Van Arsdale (CA)
Karey Ellen Kessler (WA)
Julie Shapiro (NY)
Brian Bulfer (NJ)
Renuka Ektobe (TX)
Cassandra Emswiler (TX) 

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