Friday, August 15, 2014

Conjunctions and Openings

Conjunctions and Openings at the KNOX GALLERY, Monterey Library opens on August 22nd with an artist reception from 5:30-7pm, proceeded by a short gallery talk at 5. The exhibition will include recent work, paintings, prints and paper pieces.

In December of 2010, I helped found the KNOX GALLERY.  Since then we have put up over 30 exhibitions.  I have participated in the community shows and had a group exhibition, Sobe Art Club,  in 2011, with Phil Knoll, Sue Knoll and Thom O'Neil.  I am very pleased to now be having a solo exhibition at the Knox.

KNOX Gallery
Monterey Library
twitter   @knox_gallery

Thursday, July 31, 2014


A Mixed Media Invitational Show at the New Marlborough Meeting House
July 25- August 24, 2014


The Surrounds

New Marlborough Meeting House Gallery


Excited to be part of the inaugural show at LABspace, Great Barrington, MA

eXergY     May 2-June 22, 2014

Julie Shapiro

Summer Season, 2014
David Armstrong, Lisa Beck, Black Lake, David Brody, Gretchen Carlson, Janice Caswell , Jennifer Coates, Damien Crisp, Carl D'Alvia, Beth Dary, Huckleberry DelSignore, Carol Diehl, Lydia Dona, Daniella Dooling, Mariah Doren, Lori Ellison, Stephan Fowlkes, Alison Fox, Jason Fox; Scott Grodesky , Erik Hanson, Blake Holland, David Humphrey, Jennifer Johnson, David Krueger, Justine Kurland , John Lawson, LoVid, Dan Mahoney, Moss Glass Properties Linda Nagaoka, Laurie Olinder, Alexander Ross, Jackie Saccoccio, Adriane Schramm, Julie Shapiro, David Shaw, Cindy Sherman, Laura Stein, Philip Taaffe, Ravenna Taylor, Laurie Thomas, Michael Tong, Scott Waterman, Will Wendt, Alan Weiner, Mie Yim 


I spent 3 wonderful weeks in April as a fellow at the Virginia Center for Contemporary Arts.  
VCCA entrance from the main road

I worked in the printmaking studio and had the chance to further explore transparent gesso as a substitute for the carborundum aquatint process. I did bring some plates with me that had been made with carborundum but for all the new work I used the transparent gesso.  There are only one or two images that I consider "finished" but I did a lot, learned a lot, brought back home a lot of ideas and working proofs.  I met a great group of people, visual artists, writers and composers.
work in progress

studio-work in progress
studio-work in progress
studio-work in progress
studio-work in progress

press and work tables

road up to the studios

 Thank you VCCA

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Carborundum Aquatint"

In getting ready for my upcoming residency at VCCA, I posted a question on the Linkedin "Prints and Printmaking Enthusiasts" about carborundum aquatints. THANKS to everyone who replied, the information is so useful.  I ordered some supplies and did a couple of very quick and not very scientific test plates.  It did give me an idea of what I might get. I'm so excited, can't wait to get down there, set up and start working.

I used liquitex clear gesso, golden acrylic ground for pastel and golden GAC-700

top right is plexi plate, face down, mark upper right with "700 w/c" is the GAC with carborundum mixed in, dark mark on bottom of plate is GAC with carborundum sprinkled on top, pastel and clear gesso (marked pastel and glossy g.) are marks just below center, GAC 700 is straight out of bottle and makes pale mark when on plexi

the print (l.) was printed from a piece of mat board (r.) that had been lying around studio and was pretty rough, therefore the plate tone, there are a couple of layers of gloss medium sealing it.  It is roughly divided in thirds, top to bottom with GAC 700, straight from bottle in the center (lighter than plate tone), carborundum sprinkled on left (vertical), mixed in on right (vertical), 2nd section is transparent gesso, line across, dots and then brushed out under and then final third, acrylic for pastels, again line across and brushed out. Plate on right is face up.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Girl Band

Pat Badt, Marthe Keller, Julie Shapiro, Kim Uchiyama - Guest Curator: Stephanie Buhmann

Jan 15 - Feb 22, 2014

Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA 

Martin Art Gallery entry - Julie Shapiro
Shapiro - left, Keller - right, with Uchiyama and Keller
Julie Shapiro
Shapiro - left, Keller - right
Shapiro - left, Uchiyama - right
Pat Badt
Baker Center for the Arts

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Girl Band

 excited to be part of girl band... opening this week

December - Miniatures

Wee Works by Awesome Artists lll
Norfolk, Library, Norfolk, CT    Dec 1, 2013-December 31, 2013
In The Details, Knox Gallery  
Monterey Library, Monterey, MA    Dec 6, 2013-Feb 1, 2014
minis for "In the Details"

minis for "Wee Works"

Double Step 1