Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Carborundum Aquatint"

In getting ready for my upcoming residency at VCCA, I posted a question on the Linkedin "Prints and Printmaking Enthusiasts" about carborundum aquatints. THANKS to everyone who replied, the information is so useful.  I ordered some supplies and did a couple of very quick and not very scientific test plates.  It did give me an idea of what I might get. I'm so excited, can't wait to get down there, set up and start working.

I used liquitex clear gesso, golden acrylic ground for pastel and golden GAC-700

top right is plexi plate, face down, mark upper right with "700 w/c" is the GAC with carborundum mixed in, dark mark on bottom of plate is GAC with carborundum sprinkled on top, pastel and clear gesso (marked pastel and glossy g.) are marks just below center, GAC 700 is straight out of bottle and makes pale mark when on plexi

the print (l.) was printed from a piece of mat board (r.) that had been lying around studio and was pretty rough, therefore the plate tone, there are a couple of layers of gloss medium sealing it.  It is roughly divided in thirds, top to bottom with GAC 700, straight from bottle in the center (lighter than plate tone), carborundum sprinkled on left (vertical), mixed in on right (vertical), 2nd section is transparent gesso, line across, dots and then brushed out under and then final third, acrylic for pastels, again line across and brushed out. Plate on right is face up.

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